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ברך אתה יהוה האלהי, אתה הכול בשבלי

Blessed are you LORD, Oh my Yah. You are everything to me...

My journey has been and is simple, its remaining on the path of righteousness while negotiating the fluid aspects of our world. Rather than attempting to fill in the blanks concerning what I've done, it might be easier to ask what haven't I done? Barring wrestling alligators or inventing the next greatest gadget, my life has been full and has at times, read like a movie script. Though I did design a cigarette filter that lessens the amount of smoke and increases air intake at 12 (Which didn't go anywhere,) I can honestly say there have been a few constants in my life.

The greatest of all constants in my life, is our Elohim, Yah (Psalms 68:4 Hebrew.) While I yet labor to fulfill His will and desire with all my "Works," I am ever mindful that He is worthy to be praised and that there is no praise or adulation that His name is not worthy of. Time would not suffice for me to recount the many things He has done, how gracious He's been. I could speak on how He's saved my life, even from my own hands, worked miracles, and so much more. The important thing is that I can't remember a single moment of my life when I didn't love our Elohim. He has been with me every day of my life.

It is for this that I'm eternally grateful.

The truest utterance I could ever speak, would be that without Him, I do not exist. I'm thankful that He is eternal...

Malkiyah Uriel
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