About Me

I am a Torah only, Torah loving, Yah obeying teacher of His truth.

I gladly ended the pursuit of financial gain to follow Yah. Having fulfilled
many roles from church musician to pastor, I am now on a prophetic journey.
I am gladly assisting the gathering, training, and organizing of our people.

Remnant Nation Live!

Remnant Nation Live is the main site and news hub. There you will find many of the latest developments as it pertains to the Hebrew Nation at large. Like the other sites listed, links are available for all other affiliate sites.
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Naviy Beyit University

Naviy Beyit University is the educational sector of the organization. We are growing which means we're small right now, but stay tuned. We have published our first course and will be publishing more in the very near future. Start learning today!
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Brew Book Live!

I have found myself saying, "It's Not FaceBook, It's Brew Book! Yes, this is a social networking platform for Hebrews. Like the other facets of this organization, I have just rolled out the platform and starting out confidently. I encourage you to join!
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WRNL Radio

Remnant Nation Live Radio is a 24/7 privately owned and funded royalty paying radio station. I am looking for Hebrew artists who are Torah only (Preferably) who would like to help us grow. Become a part of this artistic family and submit your music for approval. Help support WRNL radio.
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My YouTube Channel

What can I say, its a work in progress. As you can tell by my picture I'm slightly over thirty and as you can imagine, I need to social media more, YouTube included. I am posting more and would love for you to subscribe to the channel. Check back for  weekly additions.
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Hebraic Living Institute

What is HLI? The Hebraic Living Institute is a place where I coach and consult from a Hebraic perspective. Relationship, Business, and Life coaching are some of the categories that I  offer. I also feature Hebrew Aleph-Bet Coaching...Hmmmm (I'll explain more, later.)
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What I'm Called To Do...

I am called to teach, and prophetically engage situations and individuals for the fulfillment of Yah's will and the establishment of His kingdom. I endeavor to serve our Elohim with unrelenting fervor, the keenest of insight, and the highest level of integrity imaginable. As all of us are, I'm a work in progress, sent to progress His work, and demonstrate His will.

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Education & Experience

  • 1980 - PresentLicensed Minister
    First church speaking engagement, age 10. Licensed minister at 17. An interesting time of boldly wearing suits daily to school and attempting to be all I could be, while being afraid of truths I was being introduced to. 
  • 2007 - 2010Kemetian - Afrikan Village / National Minister
    This was a painful time of transition and change. I transitioned out of Christianity and its pagan facade and practices and into a world of spiritual truth and reality. This was also a time of spiritual experimentation, which I call "field experimentation." Someday I'll tell the story but there's much in this season that I wouldn't ever try again. (No! Drugs were not used in stated field experiments!)
  • 2010 - 2016Season of Relaxation and Healing
    Spent time coming out of a wilderness, bad relationships, and entering a place of healing and introspection. Discovered my Israelite heritage and later shut down all business endeavors. It was also a memorable place of relinquishing the proverbial business "paper chase."
  • 2016 - PresentInvesting 40 Years of Ministry and Resources for Israel
    Today, I gladly invest all that I have and am into the work of Yah. I joyfully embrace the truth of scripture and seek to live holy and prophetically before our Elohim (while having a ton of fun). I am also thankful to have earned a Master of Theology degree and am now a Doctoral candidate. Stay tuned, there's so much more to come.
Moreh Malkiy Uriel would like to introduce you to books he's writtenCheck Them Out Here!
I invite you to connect with me via any of my social media accounts, emails, or sites introduced here. There's a chance we may be able to help one another in growing spiritually and in increasing our productivity for His kingdom.
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